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February 20, 2019



The Elvins

We’re the Elvins, y’all. And in all honesty, we’re just your average married couple from a small town dedicated to good food, our family (and the pups) and the American Flag! Well, those are the basics anyway.

The Basics

We are originally from Upstate New York where we were born and raised. We met at a local sports bar and naturally, neither of us were looking for a relationship. But we all know how that story ends… with a proposal of course! Dean proposed to me at his family cottage one early morning in August while we were out fishing (we will save the rest of that story for another time, because its a good one).

The Wedding

Fast forward a year and we got married at a sweet little vineyard overlooking the Finger Lakes. We ended the night dancing in the rain with the people we love most (and if you’re wondering, my wedding dress changed about 10 shades of brown that night). The next day was far from your average ‘morning after wedding’, however. Most couples get a big brunch with family, play yard games and sip mimosas. At least that’s what I’ve been told, anyway. But nope, not us. We decided to pack up our apartment in a U-Haul and head South. Yep, you heard me right! We were moving! Everyone thought we were crazy to leave our hometown days after we said “I do”, but we were ready for a change and to start our own adventure together!

The Honeymoon

Now, don’t get me wrong… we did still go on a honeymoon and it was just what we needed before we hopped aboard our box truck to take on this new adventure. We spent our week on the beaches of Mexico soaking up the sun, sipping pina coladas and wearing minimal clothing before we headed home and were hit with the reality of our unknown future.

All good things must come to an end they say, right? Welp, that was the truth! We went from royalty on the beach to living in a [not so fancy] box truck for the next few days as we made our way to North Carolina.

The Move

We arrived in Charlotte and realized fairly quickly that we had next to nothing. We didn’t have vehicles, we didn’t have jobs, we didn’t have a home and we didn’t have any family here… all we really had was each other.

But that wasn’t about to stop us. As we pulled up to an apartment complex that we found while google searching, we just hoped it wasn’t infested with spiders or cockroaches (and if you’ve been to the south, you know the kind of spiders and cockroaches I’m talking about). Much to our surprise, the apartment was pretty nice; nice enough to pass out on the carpet for a much needed snooze after the gruesome 15-hour drive. And on this very carpet is where our story began.

Charlotte was bigger than we expected. The buildings seemed taller in person and the ‘little neighborhoods’ didn’t seem so little.  It was a bit intimidating to us ‘small town folk’. We survived on our GPS and Harris Teeter (as Wegmans is not a thing here). But we eventually settled in, found jobs in the renovation industry, joined a home church, made some good friends and found our favorite spots to hang. We even became regulars at some local joints. But we knew Charlotte had more for us. We knew there was a reason our hearts led us to this place. We wanted to make a difference and be a part of the community. And sure enough, that’s when the brainstorming and doodling of Anchor Home began.

 Some of my first doodles

Some of my first doodles

The Dream

The more time we spent in Charlotte, the more stories we heard from friends, clients and families who were struggling with finding their perfect move-in-ready home. Our heartstrings were tugging at us to help and we couldn’t ignore the urge any longer (y’all know the heart-tug I’m talking about). So, we decided it was time to take a leap of faith and turn our brainstorming doodles into the real-deal. We thought, if clients can’t FIND their perfect move-in-ready home, let’s help them CREATE it! So, that’s just what we set off to do!

The Business

So here we are, overjoyed to announce the ‘official’ launch of Anchor Home! We are so blessed to have this opportunity and this platform to help you create the home you envision and deserve. Because my friend, you deserve to own your unique space in this world!

 The day we signed all the paperwork to become business owners!

The day we signed all the paperwork to become business owners!

And okay – let’s be real. Is construction a bit messy? Of course. Are Fixer Uppers a bit intimidating? Most definitely. Is a new build home a bit of a process? Yep. But we got your back, I promise! Its all apart of the journey and we wouldn’t want to do this journey with any else but YOU! So, there you have it. We are the Elvins. Were a couple with big dreams and an opportunity to help you create a home that you and your loved ones call your family anchor for many years to come!  So what are you waiting for? Give us a call, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Yours Truly,

– Shaina