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August 15, 2019

the Boarded Beauty


That’s right. We bought a Fixer Upper y’all! Its a 1950’s cottage style home that we are going to completely renovate from top to bottom. We are also going to add a master suite addition off the back of the home. In true “Fixer Upper Style” we had to give our home a name. And thanks to my sweet friend @sydautumn_ we now have a name for our lovely shack; The Boarded Beauty.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about or plans for our home, so I thought it would be worth writing a blog post answering some of your questions.

Question #1. Will you live here?

Yes – but only for a short period of time. The house obviously isn’t livable as is, so we will stay at our rental for now. The renovations will be done mid-December so our plan is to move into the house early January after the holidays. We will live there for a few months and soak up all of our hard work and then put it on the Spring Market and do this whole process all over again!

Question #2. How long will the renovations take?

Short answer – 3 months. Because I am a designer, I have the privilege of drawing up all the construction plans making it easy for bidding and planning ahead of time. I am just about done with the plans and have selected a lot of the materials which will allow us to start the renovations as soon as we close on the home and will expedite the process.

Question #3. How long did it take you to find the home?

Honestly, quite some time. We really had to dig deep and find patience for this one. We made offers on a few other homes, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I am also a realtor, which again makes the process much easier. I know the market, I know where to invest and can place all of my own offers. However, all the same emotions are still involved as being a home buyer. We had our hearts set on another home and didn’t get it. But in the end, it was just fate and we were meant to have our Boarded Beauty. All in all, it took us about 6 months to find the right house. The wait was worth it. Charlotte’s market is also a tricky one for all my locals who understand!

Question #4. What is your design vision?

I am envisioning a timeless cottage farmhouse. I want to use materials that you would find in the magazines today but that are also timeless – such as marble, black + whites, neutrals, hardwood floors etc. I also enjoy incorporating a few unexpected items such as gold accents, a cement fireplace and accent walls. Every home I renovate, I want it to have a cozy and lived-in feel. I want it to feel nostalgic and inviting. I want everyone who walks into the home to say it feels “homey”.

Question #5. Who is cleaning out all the “stuff”?

Unfortunately – US! We will be doing all the demo and will be throwing out all of the things left behind – which includes KFC bowls, weird shoes, lots of beer cans and old dirty socks. It is going to be a stinky day for everyone – head to toe astronaut suites will be involved.

Question #6. What happens after you sell?

Good question. We are still figuring this one out ourselves. Honestly, our goal is to live in an RV or a bus conversion. This would allow us to keep rehabbing and selling homes without having to to live in any of them while were renovating. It also would save us from moving a billion times. We can just live in our tiny house on wheels with our 2 hounds and travel from house to house as we fix them up. Are we crazy?

Question #7. How do you pronounce your name?

I have actually gotten this question a TON so I figured I would just add it to this blog. It’s pronounced Shay-na.

Question #8. what hgtv show are you most inspired by?

Well of course the obvious answer is Chip and Joanna Gaines’ “Fixer Upper”. We love their work, their lifestyle and their family. But we also love “Windy City Rehab” and “Cash Pad”. All of these business models are so different. Chip and Jo work with home buyers to purchase and renovate Fixer Uppers. Alison Victoria from Windy City Rehab flips houses for profit. And Jojo and Jordan from Cash Pad turn unique properties into airbnb’s. Were not exactly sure exactly what our path will look like. We will most likely fall somewhere in between these approaches. But for now, we know that we LOVE what we do. We love re-habbing, re-imagining, re-creating, renovating, restoring, re-building, real estate… you get the picture. All the RE’s! So for now, we will continue allowing our hearts to be our compass and leaping at every opportunity that speaks to our soul. I think it is important to plan ahead, but I also think there is beauty in not being so rigid and letting your intuition guide you. Everyday for us holds something new. So I choose not to write our business plan in sharpie. Instead, its in pencil and will always be changing and evolving. I am just glad you all have chosen to be apart of our journey!

Questions #9 How much did it cost?

It cost us our ‘cap price’ and not a penny more. Before we made an offer, Dean and I agreed on our cap price – an amount we would be happy with if we got it and an amount we would still be happy with and feel we put our best foot forward if we didn’t get it. As a realtor I am always looking for good investment properties whether we will rent them or flip them. I am always very patient to find the right house because as I was taught “you don’t make money when you sell, you make money when you buy”. So buying the right property is very important. I check all of the comps and figure out our ARV (after renovation value), drive the neighborhoods and do all the math ahead of time to make sure the property makes sense to invest in. Because I am a designer / realtor and Dean is a contractor, we have a pretty good sense of the layout and building costs when we are walking the house which allows us to figure out our “Flipping Equation” and determine if its the right house for us.


They are still preliminary, but here’s some sneak peaks for y’all! I have the Living Room, Kitchen and Secondary Bathroom done but am still working on the rest of the home and will share as soon as I am done!

So thats it for now! We are so blessed with the amount of love and support we have received with this home. We are so glad y’all are along for the ride and are so interested in what were doing! We can’t wait to show you more!


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