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January 6, 2020

Our Kitchen Design


We are so excited that we are finally making some real progress on our Fixer Upper! The design, of course, is my favorite part about the renovation process. I love getting to be creative and put my stamp on a home. My goal for this design was to stay true to the age and architecture of the home while adding some newer and unexpected touches.

Check out the mood board…


I knew from the start that I wanted the perimeter cabinets to be a neutral and warm gray. Finding the perfect gray can be a challenge at times. I didn’t want a stark gray and I also didn’t want a beige gray. I found the perfect cabinet with Waypoint Cabinetry called ‘Painted Stone’.

You can check out their colors and doors styles here…


The island will be custom built by Dean. I want it to feel like a historic furniture piece, so that is still being designed! I am thinking I will keep it open with slatted shelves and lots of storage space to display bowls and platters.


This was a simple decision as I knew just what I was looking for. I knew quartz was the answer with its durability and bright white background. I finalized ‘Bianca Carrara’ as I feel it is timeless and compliments the cabinets nicely.


We aren’t settled on a backsplash yet, however I can envision in my head exactly what I want. I am in the market for a white mosaic tile with some charm. I originally selected a 4×16 white subway tile, but it wasn’t sitting right with me. I want something with a bit more of a story and punch.


As you may know from my instagram posts, we had to rip out all 7 layers of the kitchen flooring. We will be toothing in Oak hardwoods to match and staining them a neutral/warm color. My plan is to put a few samples on the floor once they are all cleaned and sanded down.


Lighting is always a process for me as there are so many options. I also think lighting can make or break a space, so I always give myself a few days / weeks to finalize this. I am still back and forth on the beaded chandelier from World Market, but I think it might be a cute piece over the breakfast nook! And the pendants are from Overstock.


The plumbing was always going to be gold from the beginning, but there are so many different colors of golds with each different manufacturer. I decided to go with a brushed gold which I think has a vintage and familiar feel. It will warm up the space and give the home a newer element.

Here’s a couple renderings that might help you envision the space!

For those of you who have asked, I used Chief Architect for all of my plans and renderings and I absolutely love the program!

Stay tuned for the bathroom mood boards as I get those finalized and ready to rock and roll!


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